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About Me

Who Am I?  This question always causes me to clam up as I feel like we grow and evolve over time so how is one to answer this question? I just am. To tell you what I do here on Earth, I can definitely share that however please bare with me as I am a true believer that who I am is not what I do or what I look like or where I live. My Earth name is Cheri. I work in a dialysis center as a Registered Dietitian encouraging people to follow a very restrictive nutrition regime for survival until they can receive a kidney transplant if they so wish. Some of my patients decide that a kidney transplant is not something that they want to pursue and some patients do not qualify for a transplant therefore I encourage these patients to continue onward and help them find meaning beyond nutritional services.  I am open to many faiths therefore do not label myself as any one faith. I do strongly believe in honoring the Earth's cycles as well as giving thanks for everything and anyon


Welcome to my blog.. Whispers from Beyond. I decided to create a blog after 10 years of not having a platform such as this to share and gather my thoughts. For the past six months, I have had a whisper in my hear calling me to start a new blog for myself to share and break down my astrological chart however in the past month I discovered Sidereal astrology...or more accurately I looked more into Western Sidereal Astrology and want to compare my Tropical Whole Signs Chart with a Western Sidereal Chart to see which is more accurate for me. I also plan on sharing my thoughts about other metaphysical topics such as tarot as well as random thoughts.